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2020 - 2021 理事會及社員

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現有創社社員 Chartered Members of the Club

Tommy Ng (Chartered President)

Dr Ken Lee (Chartered Member)

Billy Lo (Chartered Member)

Ivy Tai (Chartered Member)

Harry Chai (Chartered Member)

Dr. Auyeung Josiah (Chartered Member)

Stephen Lau (Chartered Member)

Rosana Lee (Chartered Member)

Sam Ko (Chartered Member)

Manfield Lau (Chartered Member)


Board of the Club

創社社長 Charter President - Tommy Ng

社長 President - Dr. Ken

侯任社長 President Elect - Billy LO

Vice President 

Eric NG



Connie LAU

Club Secretary - Manfield Lau

Club Treasurer - Alex Yuen

Sergeant At Arms - Stem Ho

Director of Member Development - Ken Lee

Director of Foundation - Tommy Wong

Director of Community Service - VP Eric Ng

Director of Vocational Service - Ivy Tai

Director of Youth Service - Harry Chai

Director of International Service - Icy Ngai

Director of Public Image - Anson Li

Director of Club Service - Stephen Lau

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